medical-delivery-servicesWe understand the critical importance of medical specimen deliveries. Our knowledgeable drivers practice proper specimen handling procedures, such as temperature control, record keeping, and universal precautions.

KTI Express Courier ensures that HIPAA secure chain-of-custody and OSHA-compliant procedures are followed and patient confidentiality is protected. Keeping public safety as a top priority, all medical courier drivers carry biohazard spill kits. We can ensure that each medical specimen is handled with the highest standards, delivered on time and with a sense of urgency.

No matter how fragile your cargo - whether it is important data like medical records and test results, bulky equipment, hazardous materials, or invaluable organic matter like organs and specimens - KTI promises no delays, prompt response, responsible delivery methods, and affordable rates. By hiring a medical courier who has an ECP in place, your packages are in the hands of highly trained couriers with customized delivery reports for tracking and procedural purposes.

Our medical courier program encompasses a wide range of service areas:

  •  Emergency, STAT, and routine delivery service 24/7/365 days a year
  • Diagnostic and infectious medical specimens
  •  Organ and tissue transplants
  •  Hospital and laboratory scheduled routing

KTI Services:
Blood centers
Medical Clinics
Dentist offices
Orthodontics offices
Medical laboratories
Research facilities
Medical suppliers
Doctors' offices
Healthcare organizations
Drug testing facilities
KTI Transports:
Blood centers
Dental devices
Lab results
Medical equipment
Medical supplies
Patient records
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