KTI was founded in November of 2009. After being in the transportation industry for over 15 years, Cecilio “CJ” Kentish [current President and CEO] decided to step out on his own and create Kentish Transportation Incorporated (KTI Express Courier). The drive to provide for his family quickly became a successfully growing business. CJ and his wife, Tiffany Kentish knew they wanted to build something successful for their family. With a daughter only a few months old, CJ wanted to be limitless financially so that he could give his daughter and future son a promising life.

CJ started the KTI Express Courier with a rental truck and freshly pressed uniform. He wore all the hats. He started making very small deliveries, as needed, for local small businesses around Huntsville, Alabama. There were days business was less than slow. He didn’t allow this to discourage him. Being a man of faith, he understood that the small business that he was getting was certainly a blessing. Knowing that his faith and vision would take him places, he started to volunteer his vehicles, time, and expense to deliver for Meals on Wheels.  Quickly making an impression with businesses throughout Huntsville, CJ found himself needing more vehicles, more drivers, and operating staff.

Currently, Kentish Transportation (KTI Express Courier) is operating in over 7 states in the south region of the United States. With Huntsville being the headquarters, there are 4 hub locations; Atlanta, Georgia, Birmingham, Alabama, Nashville, Tennessee, & Jackson, Tennessee; as well as servicing an average of 9700 deliveries per month, Kentish Transportation is on the rise.

What Our Clients Say...

I like to use a local courier company and I’ve found KTI Express Courier in Huntsville to be very helpful in working with us to get our products out to our customers everywhere. The online Track and Trace facility enables my staff to check exactly where our parcels are on their journey between pick up and destination.

We really appreciate having our own dedicated courier and being able to make contact with him directly on his mobile. Our courier works to a set timetable and that suits our business as we always know what time he’ll be calling to pick up our parcels. Once or twice I’ve needed to place an emergency order and KTI was ready and willing to meet our needs. Not only did they guarantee a timely delivery, they were early to pick up and drop off our package. There is no other company that I would recommend other than KTI Express Courier."

- Jamie (Automotive)

KTI Express Courier has been a hassle free, customer service based courier company we have been using for years. Nothing is a problem for the company and being one of the safest and most reliable companies in the area only makes them better. KTI delivers and picks up twice daily. This has proven to be a great selling point to our customers. Another great selling point is the fact that all goods are fully insured at no extra cost to the customer or the receiver. I would recommend KTI for any business who needs a worry free courier company."

- Jessica (Transportation)

KTI provides experienced and reliable services. Adequate staffing and availability to provide back-up coverage is a key in their success. The drivers are professional and pleasant to deal with. In addition, management is steadfast in handling concerns.  It has been a pleasure doing business with KTI Courier Express. KTI is extremely reliable and responsive. Their website and proactive customer service make it possible for me to take care of our clients without continuous follow up or worry. The management and support team truly take an interest in our business and make every effort to exceed our expectations. We have been utilizing KTI for almost two years, and I would recommend them highly to anyone."

- Zack (Medical Lab)
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