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KTI Express Courier is a family owned & operated company located in Huntsville, Alabama. Our hands-on approach and individual focus on you, the client, is what separates us from all the rest.

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Medical Courier

KTI Express Courier has provided trusted expertise in time critical, same day delivery of medical specimens and healthcare products to clients.


Logistic Services

KTi Express Courier offers a number of logistic services to our customers including non-stop, overnight, last-minute hotshot delivers.


KTI Air Sercices

We're capable of putting packages on all major aircraft carriers based in the United States. We now offer a variety of national and international air transportation options.


specialty delivery services

We professionally provide pickup & delivery service for financial institutions, international cargo, and express & same day services.


KTI Express Courier

We Are Ready

KTI Express Courier provides Same Day Delivery and Local Courier Services and National Courier Services to businesses.  KTI Express Courier can move your packages and material in the fastest, safest, most controlled environment possible.


Placing and paying for a Same Day Delivery service is simple with KTI Express Courier.  You can place orders by phone or through our online customer order center, for no extra fee!


KTI Express Courier uses state-of-the-art technology that is unsurpassed by the others.  Our system allows you, the shipper, to accurately manage all your shipments.  We provide you with online order entry, real-time order tracking, address management, and electronic invoicing.  You can set up an email notification when your package has arrived or let the system send an email proof-of-delivery to your delivery point of contact without ever leaving your desk.

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Customized Reporting

KTI Express Courier will prepare reports that enable you to make effective decisions.  Reports can be fully customizable based on parameters you set. Below illustrates some of the topics that are frequently analyzed by such reports.

  • Total number of specimen deliveries
  • Proof of delivery (POD’s)
  • Length of time between submission and completion
  • What client sent the most specimens
  • Average cost of delivery
  • Driver assigned to a specific delivery
  • Routine or STAT pick-up breakdown

Courier Training

Bio-medical specimens from hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices on both STAT and routine basis. A training checklist is maintained for each of the following procedures. Each courier must pass a competency exam prior to transporting bio-hazard specimens.

  • Laboratory Courier Procedures
    • Road Safety
    • Unattended Vehicle
    • PHI “Protected Health Information”
  • Specimen Handling and Transport
  • Route Log
  • Dress Code
    • ID Badges
    • Uniforms
  • Smart Phone Data Entry
    • Ontime Management System
  • Spill & Exposure Incident Plan
    • C.A.R.D

Benefits of Courier Outsourcing

By outsourcing your scheduled transportation activities to KTI Express Courier, you are obtaining a dedicated team of delivery specialists who operate much like your in-house fleet – but without the headaches and the overhead that come along with it.

  • Enjoy significant cost advantages versus maintaining an in-house fleet while improving delivery efficiency, quality and service.
  • Eliminate variable personnel expenses like salaries, overtime costs, healthcare costs, workers compensation costs and retirement costs
  • Eliminate the following human resource issues: hiring, firing, labor laws, training, time off, vacations, sick days and workers compensation issues.
  • Eliminate the following vehicle expenses: lease payments, gas, parking, tolls, insurance, breakdowns, accidents, repairs, rental vehicles and vehicle replacements.
  • Eliminate the following transportation management issues: Where is the driver? What took you so long? I can’t work late tonight! I slipped on the ice! I just got in a car accident!

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